What is another word for discredit?

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[ d_ɪ_s_k_ɹ_ˈɛ_d_ɪ_t], [ dɪskɹˈɛdɪt], [ dɪskɹˈɛdɪt]

Synonyms for Discredit:

criticism (noun) disbelief (noun) disrepute (noun) doubt (noun) eastern poison oak (noun) infamy (noun) shame (noun) disapprove (verb) slander (verb) cheapen compromise
  • put under suspicion.
deny detract discount disprove doubt eastern poison oak Other synonyms: wrong

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Rhymes for Discredit:

  1. edit, credit;

Quotes for Discredit:

  1. Timothy McVeigh was a coward. Violence is the stupid way out. It'll discredit any real legitmate movement. Glenn Beck.
  2. It has been my policy not to respond to each of the many canards which have been part of the campaign to discredit my investigation, nor to waste time trying to prove negatives. Jim Garrison.
  3. They tried to discredit me. I used to tell them, There's many wonderful people out there who can't have children, who would want to have these children. Norma McCorvey.