What is another word for notoriety?

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Notoriety, the state of being widely known for undesirable reasons, can be described using various synonyms. Infamy, disrepute, disgrace, and ignominy are all words that can be used to express the negative connotations associated with notoriety. Other synonyms for this term include shame, reproach, stigma, odium, and abhorrence. In contrast, synonyms for the positive aspects of fame, such as admiration, acclaim, and praise, are often used to describe the opposite of notoriety. In conclusion, a range of words can be used to describe notoriety, all of which convey the negative connotations associated with being widely known for undesirable reasons.

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How to use "Notoriety" in context?

Notoriety is a word that is often used to describe people or things that have received a lot of attention. It can refer to something that someone is proud of or something that is embarrassing.

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