What is another word for putdown?

325 synonyms found


[ pˈʌtda͡ʊn], [ pˈʌtda‍ʊn], [ p_ˈʌ_t_d_aʊ_n]

Synonyms for Putdown:

How to use "Putdown" in context?

When dealing with people, it is important to avoid "putdowns." Not only are they unprofessional, but they also rarely work. A putdown typically boils down to the speaker telling the other person that they are not good enough or smart enough. These types of statements make the person feel inferior and can often result in them shutting down and refusing to cooperate. If you need to give someone a criticism, try to do so respectfully. Saying something like, "I'm not sure how you think that's going to work," or "I don't think that approach is going to work," will be more likely to have the desired effect.

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