What is another word for degradation?

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Degradation refers to the process of declining in quality, status or value. There are several synonyms for the word degradation that can be used to express similar meanings. These synonyms include deterioration, decline, erosion, decay, impairment, corruption, downfall, declension, and decadence. All these words are used to describe the process of something becoming worse or decreasing in quality over time. They can be used interchangeably in different contexts and scenarios to convey the same meaning as degradation. For instance, you could say "the constant exposure to harsh weather conditions led to the deterioration of the building's structural integrity" or "the company's corruption led to its downfall".

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    Degradation is a process in which something changes from one state to another, usually with a loss of quality. In the physical world, degradation can occur due to exposure to air, light, or other natural agents. In the natural world, degradation is a part of the cycling of matter and energy.

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