What is another word for humiliation?

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There are a variety of synonyms for the word "humiliation" that encompass different levels of embarrassment or shame. For instance, one could describe feeling "mortified" or "chagrined" after an embarrassing incident. A person may feel "defeated" or "routed" if they were publicly humiliated in a competition or defeat. Other synonyms for humiliation could include "disgrace," "ignominy," or "degradation." In contrast, a person may feel "humble" if they were humiliated in a way that helped them cultivate a sense of humility or empathy towards others. Ultimately, the degree and type of humiliation can vary widely depending on the situation and individual experiences.

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How to use "Humiliation" in context?

Humiliation is a feeling of embarrassment, scorn, and a sense of weakness. It often comes as a result of being put in an inferior or compromising position. It can be experienced during personal interactions, in public, or in one's own mind. It can be a simple as feeling foolish, or as devastating as feeling totally exposed. Some people find humiliation gratifying, feeling like it brings them even closer to their tormentor. Others find it profoundly humiliating and fear it will destroy their self-esteem. There is no single definition of humiliation, but it is often characterized by a mixture of feelings of anger, humiliation, and vulnerability.

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