What is another word for entreaty?

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[ ɛntɹˈiːti], [ ɛntɹˈiːti], [ ɛ_n_t_ɹ_ˈiː_t_i]

Entreaty can be described as an earnest or urgent request or plea. Synonyms for entreaty include appeal, petition, solicitation, supplication, and plea. An appeal is a formal request made to a higher authority, whereas a petition is a written request directed to a specific individual or organization. A solicitation is a request for money or support, whereas a supplication is a humble request made to someone who is in a position of power or authority. Finally, a plea is a request made with great urgency and desperation. All these synonyms for entreaty share the same essence of asking for something with deep sincerity, passion and reason.

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    Entreaty is a request for help or intervention. When used as a verb, to entreat means to request earnestly. You might entreat a friend to accompany you to a library book signing, or entreat the owner of a business to waive the rental fee for a day.

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