What is another word for Beadroll?

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Beadroll is a term that refers to a list of names typically used in prayers. It can also refer to a string of beads used for counting prayers, such as a rosary. Some synonyms that can be used instead of beadroll include prayer list, rosary, chaplet, or recitation. Other synonyms include devotion, meditation, contemplation, or reflection. Beadroll is a term that has roots in medieval England and was used in religious contexts. However, in contemporary times, it has become a less commonly used term, and other synonyms have emerged to describe similar practices.

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Usage examples for Beadroll

In our Beadroll of the world's greatest writers I shall mention only one more, Goethe.
"The Booklover and His Books"
Harry Lyman Koopman
Yet the works of those great writers, those immortals 'On Fame's eternall Beadroll worthie to be fyled' are stable in our affections as is the sun in the firmament.
"The Book-Hunter at Home"
P. B. M. Allan
The famous reference in the Faerie Queene to Dan Chaucer, well of Englishe undefyled, On Fames eternal Beadroll worthie to be fyled, has become part of the Chaucerian critic's stock in trade, and is as apt and as well-known as Dryden's phrase which speaks of Chaucer as "a perpetual fountain of good sense."
"Chaucer and His Times"
Grace E. Hadow

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