What is another word for litany?

Pronunciation: [lˈɪtəni] (IPA)

When it comes to expressing a prolonged, repetitive list of things that are common, synonyms for "litany" include "catalogue," "inventory," "roll-call," and "recitation." Hence, a catalog can refer to the practice of detailing things like goods on sale or features of a product. In contrast, an inventory captures a precise list of stock and items. Similarly, roll-call accounts for a verbal tally of people or things. While "recitation" describes the act of repeating a passage or prayer, litany refers specifically to a type of prayer that prays for the intercession of saints or singularly valued religious object in the hope of gaining divine blessings.

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Usage examples for Litany

They came, she knew, in the Prayer-book somewhere; was it in the litany?
"The Pastor's Wife"
Elizabeth von Arnim
I felt very empty on the litany.
"The Pastor's Wife"
Elizabeth von Arnim
The other things are too numerous to mention-carpets, curtains, collecting-boxes, alms-bags, a litany desk, and the hundred and one things you take for granted as part of the church itself.
E. W. Hornung

Famous quotes with Litany

  • And I have this little litany of things they can do. And the first one, of course, is to write - every day, no excuses. It's so easy to make excuses. Even professional writers have days when they'd rather clean the toilet than do the writing.
    Octavia Butler
  • I totally relate to Tom Cruise. He's not crazy, it's just the litany of the mid-life crisis.
    Bret Easton Ellis
  • America, how can I write a holy litany in your silly mood?
    Allen Ginsberg
  • With the supermarket as our temple and the singing commercial as our litany, are we likely to fire the world with an irresistible vision of America's exalted purpose and inspiring way of life?
    Adlai Stevenson
  • Indeed, over the years I have had many a good laugh at the pompous moralism and blatant dishonesty of India's so-called secularists. Their specialty is to justify double standards, e.g. why mentioning murdered Kashmiri Pandits is “communal hate-mongering” while the endless litany about murdered Gujarati Muslims is “secular consciousness-raising”. Sometimes they merely stonewall inconvenient information, such as when they tried to deny and suppress the historical data about the forcible replacement of a Rama temple in Ayodhya by a mosque: given the strength of the evidence, all they could do was to drown out any serious debate with screams and swearwords. But often they do bring out their specific talents at sophistry, such as when they argue that a Common Civil Code, a defining element of all secular states, is a Hindu communalist notion, while the preservation of the divinely-revealed Shari’a for the Muslims is secular. That’s when they are at their best.
    Koenraad Elst

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