What is another word for effusion?

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Effusion is a noun that typically refers to the act or instance of something pouring out or spilling over, whether it be a substance or emotions. Synonyms for effusion include overflow, outpouring, flood, deluge, surge, inundation, gush, and torrent. If the effusion refers to emotions, then synonyms for it could be, among others, expression, display, demonstration, manifestation, release, and venting. Effusion is also often used in medical contexts to describe a buildup of fluids in the body, such as pleural or pericardial effusion, and synonyms in this case might include accumulation, buildup, deposit, or pool.

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effusion refers to the release of fluid from any opening, including the mouth, nose, anus, or vagina. Most effusions are699 accidental, which can be caused by a variety of conditions, such as broken bones, blood clots, childbirth, meningitis, and fever. However, some effusions are deliberately inflicted, such as in suicide or in cases of poisoning.

Effusions can be classified according to their source: venous, arterial, and mixed.

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