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Outflow refers to the movement of a substance, usually liquid, from a particular place or object. Some synonyms for outflow include discharge, flow, efflux, egress, emigration, migration, and voidance. Discharge is often used to describe the release of wastewater or other liquids from a system, while flow is more general and can refer to any type of movement. Efflux is a scientific term that implies movement away from a source, while egress and emigration describe the movement of people or animals from a particular place. Voidance is similar to discharge, but typically refers to the release of gases or air.

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Outflow, or discharge, is the movement of a fluid from a container or organism. In simple terms, it is the flow of liquid, gas, or other matter from a given area. In anatomy, outflow refers to the outgoing veins that carry blood from the body to the outside. In hydraulics, outflow refers to the flow of water from a reservoir into a lower reservoir, drainage basin, or ocean.

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