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Flavour is a multi-dimensional word that describes the sensory experience of taste. Synonyms for flavour include taste, zest, savor, relish, aroma, essence, fragrance, scent, and tang. The right flavour can add depth and complexity to a dish or drink, making it a truly enjoyable experience. Adding a little bit of spice or sweetness can make all the difference in finding your perfect flavour combination. Flavours come in all varieties, from the hearty and robust to the delicate and subtle. Whether you enjoy savory or sweet, there is a flavour out there to suit your taste buds. With the help of these synonym options, you can be sure to find the perfect flavour for your next culinary adventure.

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How to use "Flavour" in context?

The word "flavour" comes from the Latin word FLAVUS, meaning "a flavor obtained by the addition of spices, herbs, or other substances to food." The word "flavor" has a variety of meanings, some of which are more specific than others. For example, the word "flavor" can be used to describe the taste of a food, the smell of a food, or the smell of a particular spice or herb.

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