What is another word for extrusion?

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Extrusion, the process of pushing material through a die to create a desired shape, has several synonyms that can help to describe this manufacturing process. One such synonym is "compression molding," which is often used to produce products made from rubber, plastic or metal. Another term is "drawing," which involves pulling a material through a die or series of dies to create a desired shape. Extrusion can also be referred to as "forcing," "extruding," or "rolling out." Each of these terms describes a process of shaping materials into a desired form through pressure and manipulation. By understanding the various synonyms for extrusion, manufacturers can better communicate their manufacturing processes to clients and colleagues.

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Extrusion is a term that is commonly associated with a process of creating products by forcing a material through a shaped opening. In contrast, some antonyms to extrusion would include words like confinement, compression, and condensation. These words are used to describe processes where materials are compressed or confined to take on the desired shape, rather than being pushed through an opening. Another antonym to extrusion is withdrawal or retraction, which refers to a process of pulling a material away from a source, rather than pushing it through. Overall, these antonyms highlight the diverse range of processes that can be used to create different types of products.

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Usage examples for Extrusion

Somehow, for Milly, brush it over nervously as she might and with whatever simplifying hand, this abrupt extrusion of Mr. Densher altered all proportions, had an effect on all values.
"The Wings of the Dove, Volume 1 of 2"
Henry James
Considerable trouble has been for years caused by white settlers locating aggressively on lands belonging to these Indians, no effort for their extrusion having been thus far successful.
"The Indian Question (1874)"
Francis A. Walker
Theories have been devised to account for this sudden extrusion of the sporidia, in Ascobolus, and a few species of Peziza, of the asci also, the most feasible one being the successive growth of the asci; contraction of the cup may also assist, as well as some other less potent causes.
"Fungi: Their Nature and Uses"
Mordecai Cubitt Cooke

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