What is another word for ejection?

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Ejection is primarily defined as the act of forcibly throwing someone or something out. There are many synonyms for this word depending on the context. In terms of aviation, "expulsion" and "expulsion" are commonly used alternatives. When it comes to sports, "removal" and "dismissal" are commonly used, while in scientific contexts, terms like "extrusion" and "evacuation" are often seen. In a medical context, "discharge" and "emission" are also relevant. In general, synonyms for "ejection" carry connotations of forceful removal or expulsion, even if they are not always interchangeable in every context.

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    Ejection is the act of getting out of a vehicle, aircraft, or other moving platform. In vehicles, ejection is usually performed in an emergency, when everyone aboard the vehicle feels an unknown risk is present. When an aircraft is in a flight mode, it maintains a certain equilibrium by using aerodynamic forces to keep the fuselage floating along the ground. If this equilibrium is disrupted, the aircraft may begin to tumble or glide. In most cases, ejection is used as the last resort to get the passengers and crew away from the unstable aircraft.

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