What is another word for ceremonious?

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The word "ceremonious" is often used to describe formal and elaborate occasions, but there are many synonyms to convey similar meanings. "Pompous" suggests a showy display of authority or grandiosity, while "formal" and "official" imply adherence to rules and protocols. "Ritualistic" suggests adherence to specific customs or traditions while "solemn" conveys a sense of gravity or seriousness. "Grandiose" suggests an overblown sense of importance while "ostentatious" conveys pretentiousness or flashiness. The word "regal" implies royalty or nobility while "decorous" suggests appropriate behavior in formal settings. In summary, there are numerous synonyms that convey similar meanings to the word "ceremonious".

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How to use "Ceremonious" in context?

The word "ceremonious" can mean many different things. It can refer to the manner in which something is done, or the way in which it is carried out. It can also be used to describe something that is formal or formalized. Ceremonious can also refer to something that is important or significant.

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