What is another word for filled in?

Pronunciation: [fˈɪld ˈɪn] (IPA)

The term "filled in" can be replaced by a variety of synonyms that convey a similar meaning. For instance, the phrase "substituted for" can be used in place of "filled in" to denote a replacement or an alternative. "Replaced," "supplied," and "provided" are other synonyms that can be used to indicate something that has been filled or added to a space. "Completed," "updated," and "informed" can also be used to imply that something is being filled in with crucial or necessary information. Overall, there are many ways to say "filled in" based on the context and the overall message the speaker is trying to convey.

Synonyms for Filled in:

What are the hypernyms for Filled in?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for filled in?

"Filled in" is often used to describe something that has been completed or provided with missing information. Its antonyms could include incomplete, unfinished, or partial. Incomplete suggests that something is missing or lacking in some way, whereas unfinished implies that it has not been fully completed. Partial, on the other hand, means that something is incomplete or imperfect due to an absence of some elements. Other antonyms for "filled in" include unprovided, unfurnished, and unstocked. All of these terms describe situations where something is missing, either in terms of information or physical objects, creating a sense of absence or incompleteness.

What are the antonyms for Filled in?

Famous quotes with Filled in

  • Many children work hard to please their parents, but what I truly longed for was good times that were about us, not about me. That is the real hole the Dodgers filled in my life.
    Gil Hodges
  • I'm fulfilled in what I do. I never thought that a lot of money or fine clothes - the finer things of life - would make you happy. My concept of happiness is to be filled in a spiritual sense.
    Coretta Scott King
  • I asked Ring Lardner the other day how he writes his short stories, and he said he wrote a few widely separated words or phrases on a piece of paper and then went back and filled in the spaces.
    Harold Ross
  • So much of Jaws was amazing because the mind filled in what was missing.
    Bill Sienkiewicz
  • We say that the hour of death cannot be forecast, but when we say this we imagine that hour as placed in an obscure and distant future. It never occurs to us that it has any connection with the day already begun or that death could arrive this same afternoon, this afternoon which is so certain and which has every hour filled in advance.
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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