What is another word for infix?

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Infix is a term used in linguistics to describe a word element that is placed within a word, rather than at the beginning or end. There are several synonyms for the word infix, such as interfix, medial, and intramorphemic. An interfix, like an infix, is a word element inserted within a word. However, unlike an infix, an interfix exists between two morphemes. A medial, on the other hand, refers to a word element positioned in the middle of a single morpheme. Lastly, an intramorphemic element is located within the boundaries of a root word. Understanding these synonyms provides clarity in linguistics and helps communicators articulate more accurately.

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    Infix, a word used in linguistics, refers to a morpheme that is inserted into the middle of a word. Its antonym is "prefix," meaning a morpheme that is added to the beginning of a word, such as "un-" in "unhappy." Another antonym for infix is "suffix," meaning a morpheme that is added to the end of a word, such as "-able" in "lovable." These three are vital elements of word formation and can dramatically change the meaning of a word in a sentence. While infix is quite uncommon compared to its counterparts, it still plays a crucial role in some languages, such as Tagalog and Arabic.

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    One example in the first person singular in each tense will exhibit the negative form of the verb: I am not throwing Yerreemoogamangga I did not throw Yerreemoogaringga I will not throw Yerreemooganingga This negative infix can be applied in the same manner to all the persons of the three tenses.
    "The Gundungurra Language"
    R. H. Mathews
    Joyful could he be, At distance now,-but hapless is too near: Glad would he see the furious dogs their fangs, On other prey than his torn limbs infix.
    "The Metamorphoses of Publius Ovidus Naso in English blank verse Vols. I & II"

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