What is another word for deputize?

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Deputize is a term that refers to a type of authority that is granted to someone by someone else. This authority can be given to a person in order for them to act on behalf of another individual or organization. Synonyms for the word deputize include delegate, authorize, commission, entrust, and appoint. When a person is deputized, they are given the power to act on behalf of another person or entity. This can often include the ability to make decisions and fulfil certain responsibilities. Deputizing is a common practice in many areas of society, such as in government, law enforcement, and business.

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    Deputize means to appoint a deputy or substitute to act on one's behalf. In law, deputize may refer to the process of legally appointing a substitute to act on behalf of an individual in a legal proceeding. Deputize may also refer to the power of a legislative body to appoint a substitute to act on behalf of a committee or individual.

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