What is another word for intrude?

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Intrude is a verb that means to enter or interfere without being welcome. There are many synonyms for this word, each with their nuanced definition. For instance, "trespass," means to unlawfully enter a property, while "invade" generally means to forcefully enter and take over a space. "Infiltrate" means to secretly enter and take control, while "disrupt" can refer to an unwanted interruption. Other synonyms include "impinge," "encroach," "interlope," and "intermeddle." The different synonyms help to communicate the degree and manner in which someone or something is interfering with a person or a situation.

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    Intrude is defined as an act or instance of entering or entering suddenly into a place without permission. Intruding can be unsettling and disrespectful, as it is often done without considering the consequences. This behavior can be perceived as either accidental or intentional.

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