What is another word for teach?

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[ t_ˈiː_tʃ], [ tˈiːt͡ʃ], [ tˈiːt‍ʃ]

Synonyms for Teach:

teach (verb) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Teach:

  1. preach, leach, breach, peach, beech, each, leech, bleach, reach, speech, beach, breech, screech;
  2. impeach;

Quotes for Teach:

  1. Who dares to teach must never cease to learn. John Cotton Dana.
  2. Dr. Johnson has said that the chief glory of a country arises from its authors. But then that is only as they are oracles of wisdom; unless they teach virtue, they are more worthy of a halter than of the laurel. Jane Porter.
  3. Some missionaries are giants in the Spirit and pygmies in skills in the Spirit. Work hard to develop a balance. Your leaders, and you, should teach the skills to each other. Richard G. Scott.

Idioms of Teach:

  1. Those who can, do those who can't, teach.
  2. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.;
  3. you can't teach an old dog new tricks;