What is another word for flunk?

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Flunk, which means to fail or perform poorly, has numerous synonyms in English language. The common synonyms for flunk include fail, flop, bomb, fall short, underperform, collapse, disappoint, and miss the mark. Other synonyms are reject, come to naught, lack accomplishment, go wrong, miscarry, and founder. Students failing to pass their exams often use the word flunk. However, instead of using the word repeatedly, choosing to switch it up with its synonyms can enhance proper communication and add variety to speech or writing. Therefore, it is essential to broaden one's vocabulary and understand synonyms to improve language skills.

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What are the opposite words for flunk?

The word "flunk" is generally used to mean failure or to fail an exam or test. The antonyms of "flunk" include words such as succeed, pass, excel, ace, and triumph. These antonyms signify accomplishment, attainment, or victory. When someone passes an exam or test, it means they have performed well and demonstrated the desired level of competence. On the other hand, when one flunks, it indicates they did not achieve the required standard and have likely failed. In conclusion, the antonyms of flunk hold a significant value to individuals who strive for excellence and aim to achieve success in their academics, careers, or personal endeavors.

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Usage examples for Flunk

You get me to do all sorts of things with you, Flora, and then you sneak off and study on the quiet and leave me to flunk because I promised you I wouldn't study, either.
"Star-Dust A Story of an American Girl"
Fannie Hurst
"Do you know," went on the girl, "I myself was rather startled at first when you said that no man-that you could not tell whether you would flunk in time of danger.
"Dan Merrithew"
Lawrence Perry
Suppose you flunk it!
"The Cricket"
Marjorie Cooke

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