What is another word for kerfuffle?

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[ kˈɜːfʌfə͡l], [ kˈɜːfʌfə‍l], [ k_ˈɜː_f_ʌ_f_əl]

Kerfuffle is a word used to describe a commotion or altercation. Synonyms for this word include commotion, turmoil, uproar, fuss, tumult, disturbance, fracas, and squabble. It is commonly used to describe a situation that has become chaotic, often due to a dispute or disagreement between two or more people. Other synonyms for kerfuffle include brouhaha, ruckus, melee, pandemonium, altercation, and row. These words can be used interchangeably with kerfuffle depending on the context in which they are used. Understanding these synonyms can help provide clarity and express oneself effectively when describing a chaotic situation.

Synonyms for Kerfuffle:

How to use "Kerfuffle" in context?

Kerfuffle is a word that refers to a lot of commotion or disruption. It can be caused by something as small as a handful of paper money or as large as a protest. The word typically has negative connotations, conveying the idea of a lot of chaos and confusion.

Kerfuffle often occurs in public places, such as a train station or airport, where there is a lot of traffic and people are trying to get their businesses done. It can also happen in smaller, more personal settings, such as when a family is trying to get dinner started or when a group of friends get together to watch a movie.

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