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Clutter refers to the accumulation of unwanted objects or the state of being disorganized. Synonyms for clutter include mess, chaos, jumble, cluttering, disarray, and disorder. Other synonyms for clutter that pertains to a specific context are litter for waste materials or trash clutter, and overload for an excessive amount of work or information. Clutter can also be used in the sense of filling or occupying space, so synonyms in that context include fill, stack, pile, hoard, and line. The use of these synonyms can help to put a different spin on the concept of clutter, making it easier to comprehend and address.

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Clutter is defined as a disorderly accumulation of things, which makes a space appear messy and disorganized. Its antonym is order, which means a state of arrangement and neatness that creates a visually pleasing environment. Another antonym for clutter is simplicity, which involves having only necessary items and a minimalistic style, eliminating any chaos or clutter from a space. Tidiness is also an antonym of clutter, referring to health and cleanliness, creating a serene space free from any untidiness. Uncluttered or orderly can also be used as antonyms for clutter, signifying a regular and planned outcome with no unnecessary items in a space.

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Usage examples for Clutter

From a group of small round huts behind his square hut, where dwelt his two wives, concubines and slaves, came the clutter of voices.
Charles Beadle
Then out of the clutter of the village broke line upon line of yelling figures clothed in uniform.
Charles Beadle
Almost, I would rather have had him lie under one of those strange, enormous tombstones like stone cupboards or tables which clutter the graveyard.
"The Heather-Moon"
C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson

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