What is another word for fluster?

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Fluster is a word that describes a feeling of being agitated and confused or overwhelmed with emotion. It can also mean to upset or confuse someone. Synonyms for fluster include: disconcert, perturb, ruffle, discompose, nonplus, unnerve, agitate, unsettle, confuse, confound, throw off balance, faze, disturb, and disorient. Each of these words shares the common quality of indicating a level of discomfort or disruption in a person's emotional state or their thoughts. If you find yourself flustered, using any of these synonyms will help you communicate your feelings with precision and clarity.

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    When you feel flustered, your palms may sweat, your heart rate may speed up, and you may feel a rush of blood to your head. Flustered feelings can result from a variety of situations, such as being uncertain of what to do, feeling overwhelmed, or having to interact with a person or situation you find challenging.

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