What is another word for twaddle?

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[ twˈɒdə͡l], [ twˈɒdə‍l], [ t_w_ˈɒ_d_əl]

Twaddle is a term used to describe meaningless or idle talk. It can be frustrating to listen to someone prattle on when they have nothing substantial to say. Luckily, there are various synonyms you can use instead of the word twaddle. Some of these synonyms include gibberish, balderdash, claptrap, and bunk. Others you can use are drivel, nonsense, blather, and babble. If you're feeling more creative, you could also say someone is talking tripe, hogwash, or poppycock. These synonyms convey the same sense of idle chatter that the word twaddle does, but they provide a bit more variety when describing the situation.

Synonyms for Twaddle:

How to use "Twaddle" in context?

A twaddle is a pompous or ridiculous statement, especially one made in an attempt to impress or entertain. The term can refer to any type of speech or written work, but is most often associated with ornate or pretentious language.

The word first appeared in print in the 1700s, and is derived from the Dutch word tweeken, meaning to tinkle or jingle. It initially referred to the sound made by a bell when it is rung, but later came to be used more generally to describe any kind of clattering or pompous speech.

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