What is another word for drivel?

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There are a number of synonyms for the word "drivel", many of which convey a similar sense of meaningless, nonsensical language. Some of the most common synonyms include: nonsense, gibberish, babble, twaddle, balderdash, claptrap, and hokum. Other synonyms might include "jabber", "gobbledygook", or "piffle". Depending on the specific context, some of these synonyms might be more appropriate or effective than others. However, all of these words share a basic sense of language that is either foolish or lacking in substance. When seeking to express frustration with meaningless or irrelevant speech, any of these words could be a great choice.

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How to use "Drivel" in context?

Drivel is the act of speaking nonsense or making commonplace, unenlightened, or thoughtless comments. It is also something trivial, worthless, or unimportant. The verb to talk nonsense or make trivial comments is also called driveling.

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