What is another word for black widow?

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[ blˈak wˈɪdə͡ʊ], [ blˈak wˈɪdə‍ʊ], [ b_l_ˈa_k w_ˈɪ_d_əʊ]

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How to use "Black widow" in context?

The black widow spider is one of the most commonly encountered spiders in the United States. These spiders are typically active during the daytime and are usually no more than 4 inches across. The black widow is North America's most common spider and is considered to be a harmless creature. However, if you're afraid of spiders, you should definitely be scared of the black widow - it's one of the deadliest spiders in the world.

The black widow spider is named for the characteristic black and yellow leg bands it wears. females may reach up to one and a half inches in leg span and can weigh up to four ounces.

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