What is another word for feckless?

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Feckless is a word that is often used to describe someone who lacks purpose or motivation. Some synonyms that could be used instead of feckless include ineffectual, lethargic, inactive, apathetic,listless, indolent, unproductive, indolent, lazy, lacking in initiative, and unenergetic. These words all share a similar meaning to feckless in that they describe someone who is not actively engaged in achieving their goals or making a difference in the world. While some of these synonyms may be more appropriate in certain contexts than others, all of them are helpful alternatives when trying to find a new way to describe someone who seems to have lost their drive and ambition.

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How to use "Feckless" in context?

The word "feckless" has been around for centuries, and has often been associated with people who have little respect for their own abilities. In modern English, feckless usually means someone who is not committed to their own success and who is notbitious. This is a highly negative term, and often indicates that the person is not willing to work hard for what they want.

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