What is another word for bawl?

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There are multiple synonyms for the word "bawl" which means to shout or cry out loudly. Some of the common alternatives for the word include bellow, holler, howl, scream, yelp, and cry. Bellow refers to a loud, deep, and prolonged shout. Holler is used for a loud and sharp cry. Howl refers to a long and mournful cry like that of a wolf. Scream implies a high-pitched and intense cry of fear or excitement. Yelp refers to a sharp and short cry of pain or surprise. Cry is a general term used for any loud vocal expression of distress, pain, or emotion.

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How to use "Bawl" in context?

The word "bawl" is derived from the Anglo-Saxon "bawi," meaning to laugh or cry out. The bawl is essentially a crying or laughing sound, typically produced accidentally or involuntarily. Some bawls are hearty, joyous noises, while others are more subdued and plaintive. The bawl is widely used in English as both a noun and a verb. To bawl out is to cry or laugh out forcefully, while bawling out a child is to discipline them by making a lot of noisy noise.

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