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Complex is a word that can be used to describe different things such as concepts, systems, structures, and emotions. It is essential to know synonyms that can help to expand the vocabulary and avoid repetition. Some synonyms for complex include intricate, convoluted, complicated, elaborate, sophisticated, challenging, difficult, and multifaceted. Intricate refers to something that involves complex details, while convoluted means something is twisted and difficult to understand. Complicated implies that something has many interconnected parts that make it hard to comprehend. Elaborate suggests something is carefully designed, planned, and executed. Lastly, sophisticated, challenging, difficult, and multifaceted all imply something is complex in different ways, such as involving advanced knowledge, skills, or abilities.

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How to use "Complex" in context?

Complex isn't a synonym for difficult or hard to understand. On the contrary, complex can be a descriptor for something that is well-made, involving many details, or profound. Something that is complex can be approached from many angles, yielding many possibilities for understanding.

Some say that complexity is the hallmark of a rich and interesting world. It's why a painting or sculpture with many details can be so captivating, and why stories with many characters can be so absorbing. It's also why some mathematical problems or scientific models can be hard to untangle.

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