What is another word for knocking down?

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[ nˈɒkɪŋ dˈa͡ʊn], [ nˈɒkɪŋ dˈa‍ʊn], [ n_ˈɒ_k_ɪ_ŋ d_ˈaʊ_n]

The phrase "knocking down" means to bring down or demolish something. Often, writers may want to use synonyms to avoid repetition or to make their writing more interesting. Some synonyms for "knocking down" include leveling, tearing down, bringing down, dismantling, razed, demolished, destroyed, pulled down, and bulldozed. Depending on the context, other terms can be used, but these are some of the most common. By using synonyms, writers can vary their language and keep their readers engaged.

Synonyms for Knocking down:

How to use "Knocking down" in context?

Knocking someone down has a variety of meanings. In games, it is a short-term strategy employed to achieve an advantageous position. To knock someone down is often used as an insult. To knock someone unconscious is a criminal offense. And to knock someone out is a medical term used to describe a state of unconsciousness caused by an external force such as a blow to the head.

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