What is another word for unwrinkled?

135 synonyms found


[ ʌnɹˈɪŋkə͡ld], [ ʌnɹˈɪŋkə‍ld], [ ʌ_n_ɹ_ˈɪ_ŋ_k_əl_d]

Synonyms for Unwrinkled:

How to use "Unwrinkled" in context?

One of the things we take for granted is our skin's flexibility. Our skin can stretch and contort to fit around our body's different curves, without any trouble. But for some people, this natural ability tends to diminish as they age. As our skin's elasticity decreased, our skin became more prone to wrinkles and sagging. Luckily, there are many things we can do to keep our skin looking young and un wrinkled. One of the most important ways to ensure youthful skin is by following a healthy diet. Balanced and nutritious foods help keep your skin's moisture levels high, which ensures its elasticity.

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