What is another word for lilting?

Pronunciation: [lˈɪltɪŋ] (IPA)

Lilting is a beautiful and melodious word used to describe musical rhythms or accents. It is often associated with a light, cheerful, and bouncy quality. There are several unique synonyms for the word lilting, including lilt, swing, sway, and cadence. These words connote a similar sense of musicality, playfulness, and lyricism, making them perfect for conveying a pleasant and upbeat tone in written or spoken communication. Other possible synonyms for lilting include rhythmical, harmonious, flowing, and musical, all of which speak to the captivating and enchanting qualities of music and sound. Overall, these synonyms offer a wealth of options for writers and speakers looking to convey a lively and musical meaning.

What are the opposite words for lilting?

Lilting, a word often used to describe a smooth, flowing rhythm or melody, has several antonyms that convey the opposite meaning. One antonym for lilting is jarring, which suggests a rough or uneven quality that disrupts the flow. Another antonym is monotonous, indicating a lack of variation or excitement in the rhythm or melody. Additionally, stodgy or uninspired could be used to describe music or speech lacking in liveliness. Finally, somber or mournful could be used to describe music that lacks the upbeat qualities associated with lilting. Overall, the antonyms for lilting suggest a lack of liveliness or smoothness in music or speech.

What are the antonyms for Lilting?

Usage examples for Lilting

The emperor might spend the morning with his favourites in patching up lilting verses which would run well to the lute.
"Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
Samuel Dill
She walked rapidly; she was in a passion of grief and mortification, but she sang some lilting song along the highway.
"An Orkney Maid"
Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
I could feel, too, an odd, lilting elation in his mind, as if this savage universe were a good thing to take on-spray guns, cold, and all.
"A Matter of Proportion"
Anne Walker

Famous quotes with Lilting

  • It is a nation of contradictions, sir. Consider this: Ireland is an island nation that has never developed a navy; a music-loving people who have produced only those harmless lilting ditties as their musical legacy; a bellicose people who have never known the sweet savor of victory in a single war; a Catholic country that has never produced a single doctor of the Church; a magnificently beautiful country, a country to inspire artists, but a country not yet immortalized in art; a philosophic people yet to produce a single philosopher of note; a sensual people who have never mastered the art of preparing food.
    Pat Conroy
  • Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs About the lilting house and happy as the grass was green, The night above the dingle starry, Time let me hail and climb Golden in the heydays of his eyes. And honoured among wagons I was prince of the apple towns.
    Dylan Thomas
  • Lehrer was able to express and to expose, in humorous verse and lilting music, some of the most powerful dangers of the second half of the century … Many of the causes of which Lehrer sang became, three decades later, part of the main creative impulse of mankind.
    Tom Lehrer
  • He was a peculiar guy. I'd never met him, just seen his picture and heard tell of him from the veterans of GEE's early days… And I’d seen him on film… sitting right underneath a five-ton container of radioactive waste, getting thrown into the sea when it was dropped on his Zodiac… And he was like that even when he wasn't working — a drunk, a bar fighter. But the guy I was looking at was totally different. Shit, he was drinking herb tea. He talked in a slow, lilting baritone murmur, he paused in the middle of sentences to make sure the grammar was right, to pick just the right word. But it wasn't a wimpy Boone I was looking at. I had to remember the action he'd just pulled off, on short notice, on my behalf…. Boone turned and looked at me with his invisible smile again.
    Neal Stephenson

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