What is another word for murmuring?

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"Murmuring" is a term that describes a low, soft, and continuous sound or speech that is often indistinct or mumbled. Some valuable synonyms for "murmuring" include whispering, muttering, babbling, humming, murmuration, chattering, cooing, grumbling, murmurous, susurrating, soughing, and rustling. While "whispering" and "muttering" suggest soft speaking in a low voice, "babbling" and "chattering" indicate noisy and quick talking. "Humming," "cooing," and "murmuring" connote a soothing sound or gentle speech. "Grumbling," "murmurous," "susurrating," "soughing," and "rustling" typically describe a sound that is not human-produced.

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How to use "Murmuring" in context?

Murmuring is a word that describes a low noise that is created by gentle waves or air movement. It is often used to describe the sound of a stream or river flowing. Some people murmure to comfort themselves when they are feeling anxious or stressed. Murmuring can also be used to communicate with others. People can murmur to one another when they are speaking in a low tone to not be overheard. Muscles in the vocal cords can also cause a low noise when someone is speaking. This is called whispering.

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