What is another word for minority?

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Minority is a term commonly used to describe a group of people who make up a smaller portion of a larger community. However, there are various synonyms that can be used to describe this group more specifically. For instance, the term "ethnic minority" is commonly used to describe a group of people who belong to a specific racial or ethnic group, but make up a smaller percentage of the population. Other synonyms for minority include "underrepresented," "marginalized," "disadvantaged," and "oppressed." Each of these terms implies a level of social or political disadvantage that the group in question may face due to their perceived differences from the dominant culture.

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    Minority Group, underrepresented group, disadvantaged group, minority population, underrepresented population.

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What are the opposite words for minority?

The word "minority" refers to a group of people or things that are less in number than the others. The antonyms for this word could be 'majority,' 'plurality,' or 'dominant.' Majority refers to the larger number or amount of something, while plurality means the largest number of a group that is less than a majority. The word dominant refers to something or someone that has control or influence over others. Other antonyms of the word 'minority' could be 'mainstream,' 'main body,' or 'commonality,' which signify the central or most significant group of people or things within an organization or society.

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