What is another word for disqualification?

Pronunciation: [dɪskwˌɒlɪfɪkˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Disqualification refers to the act of removing someone from participating in a particular activity or event due to not meeting certain criteria or rules. Some synonyms for disqualification include ineligibility, prohibition, exclusion, debarment, invalidation, and disentitlement. Ineligibility is used when someone does not meet the requirements to participate in an activity. Prohibition is often used in legal terms to describe the act of forbidding someone from engaging in a particular activity. Exclusion refers to someone being left out from participating in an event. Debarment is used to describe being prevented from holding a position or practicing a profession. Invalidating refers to the act of cancelling or nullifying something, while disentitlement refers to being denied a right or privilege.

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Antonyms for disqualification include qualifications, eligibility, competence, fitness, aptitude, validation, and attestation. These words signify the opposite of disqualification and imply that someone has the necessary qualifications or credentials to perform a particular job or task. Eligibility and competence refer to the minimum requirements or skillset needed to perform effectively in a given role, while fitness and aptitude deal with one's inherent ability and capacity to perform tasks. Validation and attestation point to the certification and endorsement of a person's qualifications. In contrast to disqualification, these antonyms connote positive attributes and suggest that someone is well-suited for a particular job or task.

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Usage examples for Disqualification

They cannot make the holding of office a disqualification for Parliament, but they can make a seat in Parliament a reason for the loss of office.
"The Government of England (Vol. I)"
A. Lawrence Lowell
Incurable insanity was a disqualification at Common Law, and so by statute is confinement in a lunatic hospital.
"The Government of England (Vol. I)"
A. Lawrence Lowell
The great Catholic virtue of humility is to him still, theoretically at least, a disqualification for the highest spiritual rank.
"Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
Samuel Dill

Famous quotes with Disqualification

  • Show me a better man. Name one and I am answered; but do not point, as a disqualification, to the very facts which make this man fit beyond all others.
    Roscoe Conkling

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