What is another word for few and far between?

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[ fjˈuː and fˈɑː bɪtwˈiːn], [ fjˈuː and fˈɑː bɪtwˈiːn], [ f_j_ˈuː a_n_d f_ˈɑː b_ɪ_t_w_ˈiː_n]

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    Synonyms for Few and far between:

    How to use "Few and far between" in context?

    The phrase "few and far between" is often used to describe situations or events where there are very few occurrences, or where those occurrences are far apart in time. This phrase can be used to describe any situation where there is a lack of availability or where something is rare. often, this phrase is used to describe positive situations, such as when someone is talking about finding a diamond in the rough or when an artist is describing the rarity of a beautiful painting.

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