What is another word for hemorrhage?

Pronunciation: [hˈɛməɹɪd͡ʒ] (IPA)

Hemorrhage, also known as bleeding, is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention. There are a variety of words that can describe this condition, such as hemorrhaging, haemorrhage, bleeding out, exsanguination, or blood loss. These terms all refer to the same process of losing blood from the circulatory system. Additionally, bleeding can occur both internally or externally, leading to different symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, increased heart rate, nausea, and shortness of breath. Therefore, early identification and intervention are crucial in instances of hemorrhage to prevent further complications and potential fatalities. In summary, proper knowledge of synonyms for hemorrhage could prove useful in medical consultations and emergency situations.

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What are the opposite words for hemorrhage?

Hemorrhage, defined as the escape of blood from ruptured blood vessels, has a few antonyms. One of them is "clotting" which is the coagulation of blood to form a solid or semisolid mass to stop bleeding. Another antonym can be the word "healing" which is the process of regenerating and repairing tissue that has been damaged. "Stoppage" can also be used to describe the cessation or prevention of blood flow. Another antonym for hemorrhage is "absorption" which is the ability to take in and assimilate fluids, such as blood. Lastly, "convalescence" refers to the period of recovery after an injury or illness, signifying the end of the bleeding process.

What are the antonyms for Hemorrhage?

  • v.


Usage examples for Hemorrhage

This was so highly prized by the Knights of St. John as to be most carefully gathered in its prime, dried in the sun, and preserved as a stancher of blood in case of dangerous wounds, and also for the suppression of internal hemorrhage.
"The Story of Malta"
Maturin M. Ballou
The danger, as I have already told you, lies in renewed hemorrhage; but that I hope we can prevent.
"A Very Naughty Girl"
L. T. Meade
The vagrant had been seized by a violent fit of coughing, so fierce that it threatened hemorrhage; and Susanna's wrath died.
"The Brass Bound Box"
Evelyn Raymond

Famous quotes with Hemorrhage

  • What happens is that the system builds many inferior blood vessels in the eye to take the place of the vessels that are dying. And those blood vessels are not up to the task. And they bleed. They hemorrhage and they cover the eye inside with blood.
    Mary Tyler Moore
  • “I’d rather you didn’t smoke in here.” “Kawahara, I’d rather you died of an internal hemorrhage, but I don’t suppose you’ll oblige me.”
    Richard Morgan

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