What is another word for nonspecific?

Pronunciation: [nˌɒnspəsˈɪfɪk] (IPA)

When describing something that lacks specificity, there are a variety of synonyms that can be used. Some possible alternatives for "nonspecific" include vague, indefinite, imprecise, general, unclear, unspecific, ambiguous, nebulous, unfocused, and hazy. Each of these words conveys a sense of ambiguity or uncertainty, whether in terms of language, description, or meaning. Depending on the context, one synonym may be more appropriate than another, but all of them share a common thread of lacking specificity. When seeking to communicate with precision or clarity, it's important to choose the right word to capture the intended meaning.

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What are the hypernyms for Nonspecific?

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What are the opposite words for nonspecific?

The word nonspecific refers to something that lacks clarity or specificity. Its antonyms are precise, specific, definite, clear, clear-cut, distinct, particular, explicit, categorical, and unambiguous. These words indicate a well-defined and specific meaning, unlike the vague and ambiguous nature of nonspecific. Precision means accuracy, and specific refers to particularization or detailing things. Definite means unmistakable or certain. Clarity means the quality of being transparent or easy to understand, and clear-cut means sharply defined. Distinct points to the difference or contrast between things. Particular means specific or individualized. Explicit refers to clarity of language or meaning. Categorical means unconditional, unambiguous, or unequivocal. Unambiguous means clear, and lacking in ambiguity.

Famous quotes with Nonspecific

  • The matter of color is more confusing. Not every property of a system can be stated as a definite spatio-temporal state of affairs. A system's tendency, for instance, to move from State A to State B, but not from State B to State A . . . a tendency like this is not any specific event which you can point to in space and time. These nonspecific properties correspond to overall in the Hilbert Space coloring. Alternating bands of red and green light might, for example, represent a particle which is moving from left to right but which has no specific location. A good mood could be a golden haze not tied to any particular cause.
    Rudy Rucker
  • There's nothing like the waiting room of any office of the governmentor its allies to remind you of how lucky you are. You enter a nonplace, nontime. You sit on battered chairs in murky blues and greens that nobody ever names as their favorite color. You stare at the signs that have no bearing on you, nonspecific communiqués from the land that punctuation forgot. You wait until the waiting loses all sense of direction or purpose, until you become like a stone deposited in a field millenia ago by a careless glacier. You are here. This is all you have ever known. In the meantime you are stripped of any sense of individuality, of the idea that you might be different from anyone else in the room except by virtue of your particular problem; and so you become the problem, defensively, accepting it as identity, until it swells and suppurates and becomes all you are. As a species we'll tolerate being close to others, but not so close, and not in those circumstances and when we feel so small: we become rows of dry, fretting eyes, hating everyone around us and sincerely wishing our neighbor dead so we can move up one place in the line.
    Michael Marshall Smith
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness, rather than claiming telepathy you don’t have (unless you are telepathic) or ascribing to others ugly thoughts you can’t verify, and aiming endless, nonspecific blame for your mediocrity at the Trilateral Commission, “the media,” SKULL, the RAND Corporation, the long-disbanded Treemasons, the MAN, the Black Helicopter Legion, or the perennial favorite of paranoiacs, “Them.”
    Malcolm Azania

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