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The word "inclusive" can be replaced with several synonyms in different contexts. For example, the words "comprehensive," "encompassing," and "all-inclusive" can be used to describe something that includes everything or everyone. "Broad," "tolerant" and "diverse" can be used to describe an environment that accepts and celebrates differences in background, culture, or identity. Other words that can be used as synonyms for "inclusive" are "welcoming," "accepting," "embracing," and "incorporating". In all cases, the idea of including everyone or everything, regardless of differences or diversity, is at the heart of the word "inclusive".

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How to use "Inclusive" in context?

It is a commonplace observation to say that inclusive education is necessary to create a more equitable society. But what does this mean? The idea of creating an environment in which everyone is given a fair shot at success is at the heart of inclusive education. By eradicating any type of exclusion, we are able to create an inclusive society in which all members can participate to their fullest potential.

What does this mean in practice? Inclusive education means that all students, regardless of their physical, mental, or social abilities, are given the same quality of education. This includes students with disabilities andemies of different sexual orientations, etc.

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