What is another word for bionic?

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[ ba͡ɪˈɒnɪk], [ ba‍ɪˈɒnɪk], [ b_aɪ_ˈɒ_n_ɪ_k]

Synonyms for Bionic:

How to use "Bionic" in context?

What is a "bionic"? A bionic is a device or technology that helps someone overcome a deficiency or impairment. When you have a bionic arm, you can do tasks that were impossible or very difficult before. A bionic eye can help people with vision problems. A bionic ear can help people who have hearing problems. A bionic hand can help people who have a hand deficiency. The bionic technology is advancing all the time, and there are more and more devices and technologies that are being called bionic.

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