What is another word for antenatal?

Pronunciation: [ˈantənˌe͡ɪtə͡l] (IPA)

Antenatal is a medical term used to describe the period of time before birth. There are several synonyms for antenatal that can be used to describe this period. Prenatal is one of the most common synonyms for antenatal, and is often used interchangeably. Other synonyms include antepartum, prepartum, and gestational. These words refer to the same period of time, but may have slightly different connotations. For instance, antepartum may be used to describe the period of time immediately preceding birth, while gestational may be used to refer to the entire time of pregnancy. Regardless of the synonym used, the period of time before birth is an important time for both the mother and her developing baby.

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Antenatal, a term used to describe the period before birth, has several antonyms that convey different meanings. One antonym is postnatal, which refers to the period after childbirth. Another antonym is non-pregnant, which indicates the absence of pregnancy. Nulliparous is another antonym that denotes women who have not given birth to a child. Male is also an antonym as it refers to the opposite sex. Non-maternal is another antonym that conveys the absence of maternal qualities. Lastly, pre-conception is an antonym that signifies the period before conception occurs. These antonyms highlight the distinct phases and conditions related to pregnancy and childbirth.

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Usage examples for Antenatal

If there is nothing after it, we only return to our calm antenatal unconsciousness.
"Roman Society from Nero to Marcus Aurelius"
Samuel Dill
It was all the stronger in him, because his father had never had it; perhaps an hereditary trait found expression in him after passing over one generation; perhaps an antenatal influence formed him to that type.
"The Quality of Mercy"
W. D. Howells
If I was born of you, there must have been some juggling with my soul in antenatal regions!
"The Flight of the Shadow"
George MacDonald

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