What is another word for palaverous?

71 synonyms found


[ palˈɑːvəɹəs], [ palˈɑːvəɹəs], [ p_a_l_ˈɑː_v_ə_ɹ_ə_s]

Related words: soft-spoken, loquacious, verbose, garrulous, loquacity

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    Synonyms for Palaverous:

    How to use "Palaverous" in context?

    Palaverous is a word meaning having a great deal of talk. It can also refer to a discussion or discourse that is excessively ornamental or speculative. There is a sense of showiness or artificiality to these types of conversations, which can be off-putting. Palaverous people can be irritatingly self-righteous and their discussion can feel banal and pointless.

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