What is another word for payback?

Pronunciation: [pˈe͡ɪbak] (IPA)

The word "payback" typically refers to revenge, retaliation, or restitution. The concept of payback can be expressed in a variety of ways using different synonyms. For example, "revenge" suggests an act of vengeance or retribution, while "retribution" implies punishment for a wrongdoing. "Retaliation" denotes a response to an attack or harm, while "reprisal" suggests a counterattack to an enemy's aggression. "Compensation" refers to the act of making amends or providing financial restitution, while "recompense" implies compensating someone for losses or damages. In summary, there are many different synonyms for the word "payback," each with its own unique connotation and shade of meaning.

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Payback, a term often associated with revenge and retaliation, can be expressed through different antonyms that carry a more positive or neutral connotation. One opposite of payback is forgiveness - the act of letting go of the desire for revenge and choosing to move forward with compassion and understanding. Another antonym is gratitude - acknowledging a kind deed or generosity received and expressing appreciation in return. Rewarded is also a possible antonym for payback, highlighting the idea of giving back to someone not out of obligation but as a form of recognition or appreciation. Ultimately, choosing antonyms for payback that promote positive and constructive actions can lead to more harmonious relationships and personal growth.

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Famous quotes with Payback

  • My first payback to society in life, was The Dolphin Project.
    Rick Danko
  • The thing about opium is that it makes you vomit. You cook the original raw sticky pellet against the bowl of the pipe. And for the first three or four months, you puke. But it’s a clean very easy puke, not like alcohol. You could be walking down the street talking to a friend, turn, puke and keep going. But you do that a lot for the first few months. It takes devotion to become an addict to opium and heroin. You have to keep doing it to get through it. I lost a lot of weight. But the payback is huge. It is pure pleasure. There is a reason why opiates are used as a painkiller: they make you feel better. They’re designed to make you feel better.
    Jeet Thayil
  • A growing belief that behind every event lay intention—be it an evil thought in the mind of another, or the benevolent whim of a god in the sky—was perhaps inevitable in creatures with an innate understanding of causality. If you were smart enough to make multicomponent tools, you eventually came to believe in gods, the end of all causal chains. There would be costs, of course. In the future, to serve their new gods and shamans, the people would have to sacrifice much: time, wealth, even the right to have children. Sometimes they would even have to lay down their lives. But the payback was that they no longer had to be afraid of dying.
    Stephen Baxter

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