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Penalty is a term used for referring to punishment given for breaking any law or rule. Synonyms for the term penalty include punishment, sanction, fine, retribution, discipline, forfeiture, penance, censure, reprimand, condemnation, sentence, and chastisement. These words express the concept of facing consequences for violating the accepted code of conduct. The word penalty is often associated with negative experiences, but in many cases, it can be a way to encourage better behavior, teach lessons, and prevent future wrongdoing. The use of synonyms for the word penalty can make communication more precise and meaningful while avoiding repetition.

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    How to use "Penalty" in context?

    Penalty is defined as an appropriate punishment that is given to someone who has done something wrong. There are different types of penalties that can be given to people, including criminal penalties, social penalties, and educational penalties.

    Criminal penalties are the most serious type of penalty that can be given to someone. Criminal penalties can involve prison time, fines, or both. Social penalties are also very serious, and can involve things like having your driver's licence suspended. Educational penalties are less serious than criminal penalties, but they can still be very harmful. Educational penalties can involve things like having your degree or diploma taken away.

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