What is another word for installment?

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[ ɪnstˈɔːlmənt], [ ɪnstˈɔːlmənt], [ ɪ_n_s_t_ˈɔː_l_m_ə_n_t]

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    How to use "Installment" in context?

    "installment" has been around since ancient times. It is a time-honored way of paying for goods and services. In more recent years, installment lending has become more popular. This is because it is a way to borrow money that is safe and easy to manage. There are many benefits to using installment lending. Here are just a few:

    - installment loans are reliable: 99% of all installment loans are repaid on time.

    - installment loans are affordable: installment loans are typically cheaper than borrowing money from a credit union or a bank.

    - installment loans are convenient: installment loans can be arranged online or over the phone.

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