What is another word for subscription?

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There are a number of synonyms for the word "subscription". One of the most common is "membership", which refers to a regular payment that gives you access to certain benefits or privileges. "Enrollment" is another synonym, which implies a formal process of registering and paying to become part of a particular group or program. "Registration" and "sign-up" also have similar meanings, referring to the act of joining something on a recurring basis. Other possible synonyms include "subscription service", "subscription box", "subscription-based", and "subscription model", all of which refer to different types of ongoing payment plans.

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    The concept of subscription, in general, is something that many people are familiar with, whether they are subscribed to a magazine, a newspaper, or a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix. But what is a subscription, exactly? Generally speaking, a subscription is a ongoing agreement between an individual or organization and a particular service or outlet in which the individual or organization agrees to make a recurring payment in order to have access to the service or outlet.

    A subscription can be either digital or physical, and it can be either monthly or annually.

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