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Recompense means to compensate someone for the services they provided or the damages they suffered. Synonyms of recompense include reimbursement, compensation, remuneration, payment, indemnity, restitution, and satisfaction. Reimbursement refers to repayment for expenses incurred, while compensation means giving something to balance out an injury or loss. Remuneration is a broad term for payment for services or work done. Payment simply means giving money for something. Indemnity involves taking responsibility for someone's loss or damage and compensating for it. Restitution means returning something that was lost or stolen to its rightful owner. Satisfaction means making someone content or pleased with something.

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The idea of recompense is an integral part of human nature. It is why we humans feel the need to offer restitution to those we have wronged. We believe that by doing so, we will have repaired the damage that has been done and made things right. Compensation can take many different forms, and can be physical, emotional, or simply financial. Regardless of the form it takes, the purpose of recompense is always the same: to make things right.

When someone hurts us, we all want to feel like we have gotten back at them in the most effective way possible.

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