What is another word for plumage?

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Plumage is a term that refers to the feathers that cover a bird's body. Synonyms for this word include feathers, quills, plumules, and plumulescent. Feathers come in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures and are often used for flight, insulation, and display. Quills refer specifically to the sharp, spiky feathers found on birds like porcupines and peacocks. Plumules are the downy feathers that cover a bird's body, while plumulescent refers to the shimmering iridescence found on some bird feathers. Whatever the type of feather, the plumage of a bird often plays an important role in its survival and social interactions.

How to use "Plumage" in context?

We often think of a bird's plumage as being colorful and pretty. But what exactly is plumage, and what purpose does it serve?

The plumage of a bird consists of all the feathers on its body. These feathers are designed to help the bird stay warm in cold weather, fly in the air, and swim in water.

Some of the most important features of a bird's plumage are its wing feathers. These feathers are attached to the bird's wings, and they help it fly.

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