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Plume is a fascinating word that refers to a long, soft feather or a mass of smoke or gas rising from a fire or a volcano. But, if you're a writer, using the same word repeatedly can be dull, and there's always a chance that your reader will lose interest. Therefore, it's wise to use synonyms to spice up your writing. Some of the synonyms for the word 'plume' are feather, flume, smoke, vapor, cloud, jet, fume, and mist. Additionally, words like puff, whiff, and wispy can be used as adjectives to describe a plume. Using the right synonyms will help you create a more compelling story and keep your readers hooked till the end.

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How to use "Plume" in context?

Plumes are long, slender, aerial streams of air. They are created by the action of wind on an object at a high altitude, such as a mountain peak. A thunderhead (a high pressure area over the Earth's surface) is an example of an object that can create a plume. When the wind passes over the top of the thunderhead, it cools the air and creates a column of cold air. This column of air is vacuumed up by the wind, and is forced outwards and upwards.

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