What is another word for potboiler?

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[ pˈɒtbɔ͡ɪlə], [ pˈɒtbɔ‍ɪlə], [ p_ˈɒ_t_b_ɔɪ_l_ə]

Potboiler is a term often used to describe a book or movie that is low quality and created purely for commercial gain, without much artistic merit. Some synonyms for potboiler include "hack work," "pulp fiction," "trashy," "formulaic," "commercial fiction," "beach read," "dime novel," "lowbrow," and "mass-market." These terms are commonly used to describe works of fiction that are created to appeal to a mass audience, without much attention given to character development, plot, or themes. While these types of books and movies may be entertaining for some, they generally lack the depth and texture of more literary works.

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    Potboiler, a noun used to describe a work of literature or art, is often used in a negative sense to convey a lack of originality and creativity. Antonyms for this term could include words such as masterpiece, classic, or originality. A masterpiece is a work of art that is widely considered to be outstanding and may be used to describe the exact opposite of a potboiler. A classic is a work of literature that has stood the test of time and has enduring significance. These antonyms suggest that the work in question possesses a high degree of excellence, creativity, and importance, rather than being a mundane and formulaic product.

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    Usage examples for Potboiler

    I went into the house to fetch the required sum, and, by some means I cannot explain, got to work again upon the latest potboiler.
    "Mr. Punch in Bohemia"
    His customers loved his little talks, loved the way he could wax rhapsodic about the tortured prose in a Victorian potboiler, the nearly erotic curve of a beat-up old table leg, the voluminous cuffs of an embroidered silk smoking jacket.
    "Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town"
    Cory Doctorow

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